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Sabtu, 28 Desember 2013

MMM (Manusia Membantu Manusia) Indonesia

Setiap partisipan yang baru mendaftar dan bergabung dengan MMM harus memberikan bantuan terlebih dahulu, sebelum dia berhak mendapatkan bantuan dari partisipan lain. Begitu pula partisipan yang sudah lama bergabung dengan MMM, dia hanya bisa mendapatkan bantuan setelah dia memberikan bantuan.

Saat kita baru bergabung, kita tidak akan langsung mentransfer sejumlah uang ke member lain. Yang kita lakukan hanyalah mengisi data diri beserta rekening bank yang akan digunakan untuk memberi & menerima bantuan melalui sistem MMM. Kemudian, kita mengisi kolom bantuan sejumlah yang kita mampu dan kita mau. Jadi, uang tetap aman karena tetap ada di rekening bank kita.

Meskipun anda sudah bergabung dengan MMM, namun sebelum anda mendapatkan perintah untuk mentransfer sejumlah uang ke member yang membutuhkan bantuan tersebut, uang anda tetap berada di tangan anda.
Baru setelah ada perintah transfer dari sistem, baik itu lewat SMS, email atupun di account MMM anda, maka uang baru bisa berpindah dari tangan anda ke rekening member yang anda bantu, jika anda mentransfernya....  Jadi 100% uang anda aman dalam sistem MMM, karena uang tetap berada di tangan anda sebelum anda mentransfer bantuan tersebut....

Bantuan disalurkan berdasarkan ketentuan & petunjuk dari sistem MMM. Di Indonesia bantuan yang diberikan adalah, minimal 100rb dan kelipatannya, maksimal 10jt. Jika anda bisa memberikan bantuan diatas 10jt, berarti sebenarnya anda tidak membutuhkan bantuan saat ini.... :-)

Setelah anda memberikan bantuan, maka 1 bulan kemudian anda berhak mendapatkan bantuan sebesar bantuan yang anda berikan + profit sekian persen....

Ya, jika anda sudah memberikan bantuan, maka sebulan kemudian anda berhak meminta bantuan sebesar (100+x)% dari jumlah bantuan yang anda berikan.... ibarat anda mendepositokan uang anda sebesar 100%, maka bulan depan anda dapat profit sebesar x% ...

Dan saat ini, di Indonesia bantuan yang diterima partisipan sebesar 130% dari bantuan yang telah dia berikan...  Ibarat deposito, maka profitnya 30% dalam sebulan...

Misal, hari ini anda memberikan bantuan sebesar 1juta, maka bulan depan anda berhak menerima bantuan 1,3juta....

Darimanakah profit sebesar 30% itu....? Tentu saja dari member2 lain yang memberikan bantuan. Tidak ada sumber lain dari MMM.... Hanya ada satu sumber profit dari MMM, yaitu uang bebas masyarakat. Titik.

Persentase bantuan yang diperoleh partisipan dapat berubah-ubah, tergantung dari kebijakan sistem MMM.... namun persentase profit tersebut selalu jauh lebih besar dari pada bunga bank konvensional.... dan selama ini, minimal 30% perbulan...

Lebih dari sekedar lumayan....  Bahkan mungkin mustahil dan tidak masuk akal bagi anda saat ini....

Anda tertarik bergabung, klik link ini  disini

Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

Six Causes of Menstrual Cycles Not Regular

Every woman has a menstrual cycle is different. Some experience it 10-11 times per year. There are 13 times per year. In fact, there are more or less. This happens because every woman has a uniqueness of each hormone that affects fertility.

Normal menstrual cycle describes the process of forming a good egg. Ideally, women experience menstrual cycles between 21 to 35 days. The cycle is calculated from the first day of menstruation until the last day before menstruation in the next month.

However, women generally suffer from hormonal imbalances that lead to menstrual irregularities in the first few years to get menstruation and menopause.

There are several factors that can disrupt the menstrual cycle of women, as quoted by the Times of India pages.

1. Weight unstable

Increase or decrease in body weight so drastically affect the entire body system. This is of course also affect hormones that automatically plays an important role in regulating the menstrual cycle.

2. Eating disorders

The condition of the body that refused food because he wanted to get used to always feel hungry (anorexia), the habit of eating plenty of food and then expelled by vomiting (bulimia), and the obsession has a proper diet and healthy diet (orthorexic nervosa) can disrupt a woman's monthly cycle.

3. Heavy activity

Some women who undergo heavy exercise or activity that is very tiring also at risk of irregular cycles.

4. Stress

Lifestyle full of stress, illness, family planning, treatment, and hormone problems can cause changes in hormone production. While the hormone is needed by the body to
support the occurrence of menstruation.

5. Nurse
Women who breastfeed for more than a year after giving birth will not get a regular cycle. However, this does not mean you can not get pregnant. If you want to postpone pregnancy, do not underestimate the irregular cycles during lactation. Continue using contraception to avoid pregnancy.

6. Health problems

Another factor is the failure of the release of an egg by the uterus caused by surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy using on the hips of women. The experts also say that the cycle irregularities also occur because of diseases such as tuberculosis, liver, and diabetes.

Sometimes even no apparent reason which resulted in women experiencing irregular cycles. Try to calm down. There may be a hormone imbalance causing your O cycle is uncertain. To be sure, do a pregnancy test or go to the doctor for it checked.


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Senin, 10 Januari 2011

Toxins in Cigarettes

Maybe you think only smoking a cigarette alone will not cause health problems. Think again. Therefore, American scientists found a cigarette is enough to block arteries and trigger heart attacks.

Tobacco smoke contains hundreds of toxic chemicals can directly cause damage to organs. In a recent study surgeon found no safe level of exposure a person exposed to cigarette smoke, both for active smokers and passive smokers.

This is because the cigarette smoke seeping directly into the bloodstream, chemically changing the organ so that the clot and arterial pressure. As a result, the artery narrows and closed. The report also found that even exposure to cigarette smoke in a short time can trigger a heart attack.

However, for those who want to quit smoking, never too late. Start now! Because, in the report also described what happens in the body when a person stops smoking

- 20 minutes: Blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal

- 8 hours: Nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in the blood is reduced half and oxygen back to normal.

- 24 hours: Carbon monoxide is lost from the body. The lungs begin to eliminate mucus and other smoking kototran result.

- 48 hours: The body cleanse nicotine from the body. The ability to feel the sense of smell and taste increases

- 72 hours: Breathing becomes easier. Bronchial tubes begin to relax and increase energy levels.

- 2-12 weeks: circulation improves.

- 3-9 months: Coughing, and respiratory problems increase with improvement in lung function by 10 percent

- 5 years: Risk of heart attack drops to about half compared to the smokers.

- 10 years: Risk of lung cancer is half of the smokers. The risk became similar to the non-smokers.

Why People Difficult to Stop Smoking

A new study published in the journal Biological Psychiatry found that the habit of smoking can reduce the thickness of the human brain.

Researchers compared the thickness of the cortex on volunteers, both smokers and who had never smoked, who have no medical or psychiatric illness. The cortex is the area of the brain that is responsible for many important functions, including language, information processing, and memory.

The result is stunning. People who smoke thinned cortex in the left middle orbitofrontal. People who smoke more frequently, according to the study, depletion of cortical networks will be increasingly obvious.

These findings show, with thinning of the cortex, then the risk of becoming a drug addict rose, even she will increasingly become heavy smokers.

Because of the thinning, it will be associated with impulse control, reward processing and decision making. This condition may explain how someone can become addicted to nicotine.