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Senin, 20 April 2009

9th April 2009 election legitimate?

Sejak punya blog beberapa waktu yang lalu, saya pengen nulis dalam bahasa Inggris, tapi takut di ketawain pembaca, maklum bahasa Inggrisnya pating pecotho tidak karuan. Tapi setelah tak pikir-pikir apa salahnya bila dicoba, kalau nanti salah mohon dikoreksi ya.........

9th April 2009 elections took place is very chaotic. Even confusion about voters remain on the election this time the clear constitutional right to seize millions of citizens. There are diverse opinions, which assume that the election commission has failed to conduct the election, many political party who claim the election results.
But when we review the election after reformation, no election without protes. Now we can not hope that the election will run without criticism, because the accusation against the election year 2009 has been suspected since the beginning.
Apart from the initial problem is, the historical election of this nation always indicate the occurrence of any claim the result. So how do you verify the election this time?