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Senin, 10 Januari 2011

Toxins in Cigarettes

Maybe you think only smoking a cigarette alone will not cause health problems. Think again. Therefore, American scientists found a cigarette is enough to block arteries and trigger heart attacks.

Tobacco smoke contains hundreds of toxic chemicals can directly cause damage to organs. In a recent study surgeon found no safe level of exposure a person exposed to cigarette smoke, both for active smokers and passive smokers.

This is because the cigarette smoke seeping directly into the bloodstream, chemically changing the organ so that the clot and arterial pressure. As a result, the artery narrows and closed. The report also found that even exposure to cigarette smoke in a short time can trigger a heart attack.

However, for those who want to quit smoking, never too late. Start now! Because, in the report also described what happens in the body when a person stops smoking

- 20 minutes: Blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal

- 8 hours: Nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in the blood is reduced half and oxygen back to normal.

- 24 hours: Carbon monoxide is lost from the body. The lungs begin to eliminate mucus and other smoking kototran result.

- 48 hours: The body cleanse nicotine from the body. The ability to feel the sense of smell and taste increases

- 72 hours: Breathing becomes easier. Bronchial tubes begin to relax and increase energy levels.

- 2-12 weeks: circulation improves.

- 3-9 months: Coughing, and respiratory problems increase with improvement in lung function by 10 percent

- 5 years: Risk of heart attack drops to about half compared to the smokers.

- 10 years: Risk of lung cancer is half of the smokers. The risk became similar to the non-smokers.

Why People Difficult to Stop Smoking

A new study published in the journal Biological Psychiatry found that the habit of smoking can reduce the thickness of the human brain.

Researchers compared the thickness of the cortex on volunteers, both smokers and who had never smoked, who have no medical or psychiatric illness. The cortex is the area of the brain that is responsible for many important functions, including language, information processing, and memory.

The result is stunning. People who smoke thinned cortex in the left middle orbitofrontal. People who smoke more frequently, according to the study, depletion of cortical networks will be increasingly obvious.

These findings show, with thinning of the cortex, then the risk of becoming a drug addict rose, even she will increasingly become heavy smokers.

Because of the thinning, it will be associated with impulse control, reward processing and decision making. This condition may explain how someone can become addicted to nicotine.

Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011

Ways to Heal Broken Heart

Disconnect love is something that is not easy. However, if the love relationship has been running poorly, regarded as something separate for the best. It's not easy to deal with it because the recovery process could be longer. However, to continue to defend it also does not necessarily make you happy.

In other words, the worse these relations, it is increasingly difficult to move.
So you do not be in a situation like this, you need to know how to overcome the bitter breakup.
So you do not be in a situation like this, you need to know how to overcome the bitterness of a breakup:

1. Get support from family and friends

Although usually at moments like this, you prefer or need time to themselves but not hurt you to be close to the people who care and love you like family or close friends. Spending time with family and friends can be helpful to re-awaken the spirit and self-esteem and your confidence. Usually destroy all of this bad relationship. And you need help to re-fix this.

2. Try to re-identify yourself

It may take a long time where you can do it. You should see your error and that regardless of the mistakes made by others. You need to spend some time to get to know yourself. After all, every person who becomes part of your life will surely change. And that you should know that the relationship has also changed and you have to move forward so that the change will not surprise you or someone else when you start a new relationship.

3. Change your attitude in dealing with a breakup.

After making the decision to end the relationship, you should be able to handle it until he could re-establish a new relationship. Avoid hurting yourself and bring memories of the past with your ex-girlfriend. Eliminate all associated with the former, delete photos, love letters so as not to make you remember back to the past. And most importantly you must remember that this is beginning to start a new life