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Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010

Danger No Breakfast

A schedule of eating that is often forgotten is the breakfast. Breakfast is often overlooked simply because the reasons do not have time, get up late and so forth. In fact, breakfast is precisely the most important meal schedule.

If you regularly skip breakfast, this practice could endanger health. One of them, could increase the risk of heart disease. Avoid breakfast and select the move with an empty stomach can actually cause obesity. Excessive hunger before noon makes you eat more high fat foods. This can cause fat to accumulate around the abdomen, and improve cholesterol levels, which is a major risk factor for heart disease.

In addition, there was no food intake in the morning could also trigger higher insulin levels in the blood. If this condition goes on and on can be the precursor of diabetes. Those who are at risk of experiencing health problems due to neglect breakfast is an adult who regularly move without breakfast since the age they are still children, and the habit continued until they mature.

As a result, when they were in the late twenties, already detected that they have symptoms develop jantung.Selain disease, there is evidence that express, skipping breakfast can change the way you store body fat. Will accumulate more fat in the abdomen, which can be gelaja heart disease.

Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010

Avoided for Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer became the number two killer women after cervical cancer or cervical cancer. Up to now, unknown primary cause of this disease. In fact, young women also began to be threatened.

Early detection is needed to avoid breast cancer. Sometimes there are women who have made diet and healthy lifestyle, but still experiencing this disease. In addition to early detection, each woman also needs to enrich the information on this disease. Every 2 years began doing breast ultrasound, and regular check-ups. Women also need to know its risk factors.

The following risk factors that could cause breast cancer:
1. Not having children
2. Women over age 35 years
3. Genetic factors or genetic risk of breast cancer can be from 5 to 7.5 percent
4. Women who had suffered from benign breast tumors when young
5. Obesity factor
6. Women are more often active at night. This can happen because the hormone melatonin, which is getting lower and cause the hormone estrogen increases

Minggu, 24 Oktober 2010

Four Things Can Damage Teeth

There are some habits that you might not have thought could lead to dental problems. Tooth decay is triggered not only lazy habit of brushing teeth. There are some habits that you might not have thought could lead to dental problems.

Here are four trigger tooth decay is not known to many people, as quoted from Shine.

1. Acid drinks
Recent research Birmingham University found that consumption of sports drinks supplements trigger serious dental erosion and infection. Researchers tested two unnamed drinks and found levels that can shed tooth enamel.

The condition is likely due to the acidity levels that are contrary to normal PH balance of the mouth. Chemicals such as soda with aspartame acid also can make the teeth have worn. In fact, highly acidic juice can also cause infection and erosion from time to time.

2. Lipstick smear
According to the research team from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, lipstick contains paraffin which can erode tooth enamel. When eroded enamel, the teeth become porous and creates the growth of bacteria. The effect is tooth decay, infection and fracture. Instead, choose a lipstick that does not contain paraffin.

3. Carbohydrate
High carbohydrate snack products are also not good for teeth. Once broken down into simple sugars that the effect is the same as sugar on the teeth. Sugar causing bacteria and plaque that causes gum disease and tooth cavity.

4. Too often brushing
According to the American Dental Association, brushing too often can make the abrasion on the teeth. Akibatkanya teeth become more sensitive and easier to feel pain. To avoid this, choose a toothbrush that is soft and hairy special toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Six Ways to Conserve Water

During this time you may not be difficult to get clean water. Although so if you do not save water and keep it, it is not possible within the next few years could be a need for clean water is scarce.

That's why you should start the habit of saving water. Many ways you can do to keep the water clean from now on, the following six-way.

1. Avoid plastic bottles
Mineral water packed in disposable plastic bottles is very inefficient. Packaging plastic bottles are very difficult to break down in the soil, to parse even take a long time. Toxins in plastic bottles can also contaminate soil and water resources. We recommend using bottles that can be used multiple times and replenished.

2. Use a water filter
If you are concerned with water quality, to get drinking water use water filter equipment. More efficient because you do not need to buy water every time and does not require a plastic gallon. Easy, inexpensive and free of garbage.

3. Put the shower
Place the shower is closer to the head. This will make you berbilas faster, so the bath can be done in five minutes maximum of 10 minutes.

4. Replace flush toilet
Many toilets are wasteful of water. If your toilet so immediately replace with the new, more efficient flush water.

5. Cut grass
Do not be too much to plant grass. To maintain it requires a lot of water. Select only plants that are not too much water to maintain it. You can ask the seller of the plant.

6. Do not let the faucet is leaking
Immediately repair or replace it if there is a leaking faucet. Let it will only make the water wasted. Not to mention the pump that can be constantly lit. Not only saves water but also electricity.