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Sabtu, 13 Maret 2010

Cochlear Implant Surgery

HEARING is one of the important things in life.Living without a hearing would feel empty.
Loss of hearing (deaf) refers to the reduction or loss of one's sensitivity to sound.There are two types of deafness. Conductive deafness disorder that is found on the outer or middle ear,
generally treated medically. Sensorineural deafness is damage to the inner ear sensory cells
in or auditory nerve. Damage to the structure or sensory nerves resulted in permanent deafness.

The cochlear implant is a major breakthrough in the field of medicine. Research on cochlea implants have been done since the beginning of the year 1950 and approved by the FDA (Foot and Drug Administration) in the mid-1980s. The cochlea implant is a prosthetic device with internal components installed by surgery and external components that require customization and programming.

Cochlear implants
deliver stimulation directly to the auditory nerve, through the sensory cells are lost or damaged by converting acoustic sound into an electrical pattern, which is then sent to the brain and interpreted as sound.

Cochlear implan
t intended for adults and children who do not get enough benefits from the means of hearing aids available. To determine whether a person can be a candidate cochlea, requires examination and tests by a specialist ear, nose, throat, head neck.

Cochlear implants, coupled with intensive postimplantation therapy, can help young children to acquire speech, language, and social skills. Most children who receive implants are between two and six years old. Early implantation provides exposure to sounds that can be helpful during the critical period when children learn speech and language skills

They make a cochlear implant surgery is easier to use for young patients and adults with a simple process at the implant by the surgeon and the professionals who have extensive experience in this kind of operation.

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