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Minggu, 11 April 2010

Favorite Female Sex Aids

After a few days ago I wrote about How the strategy so that women can reach climax, so now I'll write about the preferred sex aids female. This article takes from Viva

If the term 'sex toys' to make you blush, that's fair. For most women, sex aids that as something strange and frightening. Especially the people who embrace Eastern culture.

Terror was not only triggered the alienation of the object, but also various forms which often makes surprise. While for some couples, sex aids is an important element to enhance the harmony of relationships.

"My principle, sex aids you may not need, but sometimes can make you feel more happy, sexy and feminine," said Dana B. Myers, founder of Booty Parlor, sexy online boutique with clients such as Angelina Jolie, Carmen Electra, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

If you have never known, the following six tools are the most popular love women.

1. Classic Vibrator
This tool is usually the best choice for beginners. "He has a thud, pitter-patter, and the silence that will give pleasure orgasm totally," said Dana Myers explained one product merchandise.

2. Couples vibrators
"For women that are difficult to experience orgasm during intercourse, it is necessary to try using a small vibrator for penetration to turn the atmosphere," said Dr. Joy, a sex therapist from New York. You could try using phone vibration.

3. Wand g-spot
Make this tool quite helpful touch g-spot area. Usually made of 316-grade stainless steel (same material used in hip replacement) with a curved design. This environmentally friendly stick can make a more substantial penetration. "You can regulate the temperature of heat because this thing is incredible," said Dr. Joy.

4. Crotchless panties
As women, we are fully aware of the power of sexy lingerie. Myers suggested that one of his collection crotchless panties. "Elements of this peek-a-boo bikinis very seductive and can make a couple more excited," said Myers.

5. Essential Oils
One of the products are in great demand as a plant essential oil is a natural hormone. One of the products on the market is Zestra, which is a mixture of essential oils and plant extracts. The benefit is claimed to be able to increase sensitivity in minutes and its effect can last up to 45 minutes.

6. High heel shoes
A pair of high heels can become elements of the ultra-sexy to entice couples. Super sexy shoes are usually relied upon to arouse the mood couples who are not excited.

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